About us

The IA

Imagine an auction house which spans the globe, but speaks your language. Imagine your work of art offered for sale in major art markets worldwide, without having to export it. Imagine realizing the best possible price for your art work, while benefitting from the personalized service you can only get from your local auction house.

The Members

This is the reality of IA. Eight independent auction houses* working together, around the world. Sales are advertised on this website, and in other members' catalogues. Joint advertising, shared catalogue mailings, and worldwide previews of auction highlights �¢?? IA members and our clients have all of these possibilities and more.

The Network

In this website, you're sure to find the object of your desire among the half a million art works offered each year. The Lot Search and My Auctions features allow you to quickly and easily find lots in hundreds of auction catalogues. You can also consult catalogues from all IA members in any of the partners' salesrooms. Feel free to contact us. We'll help you find what you're looking for.

Imagine IA. Then open your eyes: we're right next door.

IA comprises seven of the world's leading auction houses: Artcurial Briest-Poulain in Paris; Bukowskis in Stockholm and Helsinki; Dorotheum in Vienna and Prague; Porro & C. in Milan; Koller in Zurich and Geneva; Lempertz in Cologne; and Swann Galleries in New York.

*Please be aware that when you purchase an item at any of the IA members, you are bound by the conditions of sale of that auction house.